PEEK Victrex 450G, Natural Shaving Scrap, No fillers, From Mfr. Medical Part Shavings, We are offering 2 forms: (a)Regrind form or (b) Shavings Bale Scrap form. Sold as Scrap on the Bottom of the Photos.


PEEK 美國威格斯Victrex 450G 型號(聚醚醚酮)生產廠塑胶粉碎粒料盒裝或者扎裝原料.





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PEEK Shavings scraps from Manufacturer First Generation Victrex 450G Natural Scarps from Medical Parts Scraps  as shown Below






PEEK from above Manufacturer's First Generation Victrex 450G Shavings scraps from medical parts


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Packaging 包裝:   有盒裝, 袋裝, 卷料, 扎裝

Weight unit per bag or box:   Approx. 1000-2000 pounds per box, bag, bale


載重量数如:  盒裝, 袋裝及扎裝重約1,000磅,除非特别說明

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