Alpha Polymers, & Its Plants & W-houses

(Est. Since 1983)

(ISO 9001, ISO 9002 Company)


Chicago, Detroit, Charleston, New York, Seattle.



New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Charleston, Savannah, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Baton Rouge, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Phoenix 


Cirm Corporation Trading I (Export/Import)

C-Industries Corporation

Cots Industries & Engineering Corporation

Am-Tokyo Finance & Investment Corporation

Cirm Chemicals Corporation

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*Manufacturer/Distributor/Exporter/Importer of Plastic Resins, Regrinds, Roll stocks of films; ABS, Acetal, LCP, PC, PBT, PET, BOPP, L/LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, Cellulose Acetate, PEEK,  etc.


*Manufacturer/Distributor/Exporter/Importer of Industrial, Organic/ Fine Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Petro-Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals (Bulks & Intermedias drug & medicine), OEM Capsules & Tablets, Polymers, Plastic; Engineering/Polyolefins Resins, Recycled Regrinds, Reprocessed Resins.

*Manufacturer/Distributor/Exporter/Importer of Medical Devices, Equipments & Supplies, Blood Glucose Testing Devices & Supplies, Bulk Drugs, Vitamins, Dietary Supplements, Turnkey Plant expansion, Surgical & Medical Testing Devices, apparatus and Equipments, Hospital Equipments and Machineries.

*Manufacturer/Distributor/Exporter/Importer of Refinery Equipment & Supplies, Expansion, Hardware/Software & Centralized Automation, Industrial, Offshore Marine Petroleum Systems & Engineering, Equipments, Offshore Drilling, Structural Support, Constructional & Drilling Platforms, Offshore Trencher, Pipe-laying Vessel Designing, Engineering and Manufacturing; Aqua Trencher, Aqua Pipe-laying Vessel, River Dredgers, Oil Field and Refinery Plant Valves, Pumps, Couplers Supplier, Drilling, Drilling Process, Designing, Engineering & Contractor, Petroleum Drilling at sight Contractor.

*Large Diameter Pipeline Fabrication Equipment Designing, Engineering and Manufacturing, Turnkey Systems "Alpha System" Complete Operational Turnkey Systems for Production of Large Diameter Pipelining. Quick Large Pipeline Coupling Process Technologies.

*Molecular Biology (Human & Mouse  Northern Blot Poly A+ RNA) Total and mRNA Northern Blot Bank; High quality Multiple Tissue Northern Blots. Reliable continuous supply.

*Petroleum Drilling Contractor & Engineering, Directional Drilling Processing Equipment and Technologies, Large Diameter Pipeline Fabricating. Quick Pipe-coupling Process and Technologies

*Nuclear Power Plants and Turbine Power Plant Designed, Engineered and Manufactured for many existing sites and for new location worldwide, Short lead time, Turbine Power Plants from 20 MW up to 150 MW Generator.

*Construction, Oil Drilling Equipments Supplier, Custom Designer, Engineer and Manufacturer, Plant Production Equipment, Large & Small Pipeline Production Turnkey Equipments.

*Manufacturer/Distributor/Exporter/Importer of Electro-optical Non-Contact Measurement device & System, High Technology, Laser Equipments & Instrumentations for Economical In-Line Real Time Quality Control System.

*Manufacturer/Distributor/Exporter/Importer of High Technology Engineering; in Petroleum, Chemical, Medical, Nuclear Industries, Telecommunication, Trouble shooting, Power Plant, Large and Small Generators & All phases of Plant Expansion, Joint-venturing.

*Telecommunication, High Technology Telephone turnkey project and Engineering, Global Telecommunication Networking, System Operations & Investor.

*Finance, Larger Manufacturing & Plant Turnkey Operations, Major Power Plant Finance, Joint-venture etc.

*Action Industrial Computer, Networking & Telecommunications, Computer Hardware/Software for Various Industries.

*Manufacturer/Distributor/Importer/Exporter/Trader of Major Commodities: Raw Cotton, Textiles, Molecular Biological Products, Medical Support Device, Nonferrous Metal, Steel & Steel Products. Garments, Steel, Refinery & Drilling Equipment, Generators & Supplies.