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Alpha Polymer and its divisions payment terms

warehouse locations : Chicago, Wis., Detroit, Cleveland OH, NY, Boston, Charleston, Toronto, Honduras, UK, Netherlands.


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Payment terms


For Domestic Sales:


(1) Payment terms:  All payments are to be paid in full before all goods leave any of our docks (Pay in advance by T.T. or any form which accepted by our Accounting Department).



For Exports Sales with local U.S. Agent:


(2) Payment terms:  All orders are required the minimum of 50% TT deposit on accepting of anyone's order, Remaining 50% balance TT to our bank within 96 working hours as we notify customer by email/fax/telephone message on the final total quantity/weight of the shipment; which remaining payments satisfying our Accounting/Documentation Department, before OBL & loading photos will send to customer by Express Courier.

***Note:  If the remaining 50% payment is/are not paid within 96 working hours, customers deposit for the order will be forfeited.  Alpha Polymer LLC will have the right to do as wish.


For outside of United States Customers:


(3) Payment terms: On behalf of the any orders and/or any order sizes are more than 200 MT we will accept L/C with the world's prime bank and all funds are available for negotiation with our Bank the "Bank of America" or "Chase" and/or our company's bank.  And we (The Alpha Polymer LLC) will provide customer the full L/C instructions for opening/issuing of the L/C in favorite of our company the "Alpha Polymer LLC"  The L/C will have to be able to allow seller/sellers to draft the 50% of the L/C value with the "Alpha Polymer LLC" signature as soon as we received the L/C as for Deposit for order/orders.  The remaining 50% of the L/C value will be able to draft at sight draft with the documents by presenting OBL, Commercial Invoice, Packing List; Partial shipments is allowed as our terms and conditions.






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Company Plants, Processing Plants & Warehouses

Metric To-From English Conversion

Packaging包裝:   in boxes/bales,    有盒裝, 袋裝, 卷料, 扎裝

Weight unit per bag or box:   Approx. 1000 pounds per box 

載重量数如:  盒裝, 袋裝及扎裝重約1,000磅,除非特别說明

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Offices, Facilities & Warehouses:  New Haven, CT; Stamford, CT, 06902; Livonia 48152,,

 Westland, Troy, MI, U.S.A., Toronto, Montreal Canada, Honduras, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Central & South America.

Midwest Offices, Plants & Facilities Addresses: Livonia, MI, 48152; -Garden City, MI, 48136; -Westland, MI, 48185, Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.